Social Services

Nemai Consulting's social expertise is a vital component of our commitment to our full service consulting philosophy. It includes social impact assessments (SIA), socio-economic studies, programme evaluations, and social research.

Dealing with the concerns of local communities is an essential part of successful, long-term environmental management.

We design and implement community consultation exercises, particularly those involving stakeholders in participatory decision-making. Much of our work is concerned with the interface between South African peoples and the environment because enlightened resource management is largely about managing the tensions between people and their use of natural and physical resources.

List of Services

  • Social Impact Assessments and Socio-Economic Studies
  • Poverty Alleviation Projects
  • Research
  • Institutional and Social Development Studies
  • Perception Analyses
  • Social Surveys
  • Education and Awareness Campaigns.

Significant Projects

  • Socio-Economic Impact Assessments for controversial mine projects
  • Expanded Public Works waste management operations
  • Municipal water and sanitation awareness programmes
  • Study into the Implications of water services policy change on a national scale
  • Informal settlement registration and standard of living surveys
  • Informal settlement sanitation education and awareness campaigns.

Clients typically require our social services either to provide information which affects their existing operations, or to inform policy change. In both cases, Nemai Consulting gathers scientifically valid information relating to the issue at hand, and presents it to the client along with analyses and recommendations.

Nemai Consulting then implements the resulting projects: these can be awareness and education campaigns, monitoring of quality during operations, or implementing outsourced functions typically carried out by clients.