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Nemai Consulting offers management and authorisation services covering the total project lifecycle.

Addressing the full probable impact (including risk assessment) of any given project on the environment, the environmental project lifecycle is structured under Planning, Construction, Operations and eventual Decommissioning phases.


Environmental Authorisations
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Environmental Management Programmes
  • Water Use Licenses
  • Mining Permit Applications
Environmental Management
  • Environmental Advisors
  • Environmental Management Frameworks
  • Strategic Environmental Assessments
  • Project or Programme Screening
  • Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Accounting and Environmental Reporting
  • Public Participation
  • Consolidated Environmental Implementation Plans
  • Water Resource Management
Waste Management
  • Integrated Waste Management Plans
  • Waste Licences
  • Landfill Management
Specialist Studies
  • Fauna and Flora Assessments
  • Heritage Assessments
  • Socio-Economic Assessments
On-Site Construction Control
  • Environmental Control Officers
  • Environmental Incident Investigations


Nemai Consulting has the experience to offer expert advice on the probable environmental impact of any project from conceptualisation and the probability of achieving Environmental Authorisation. This pre-feasibility stage – for example screening a proposed site – can save time and money by highlighting potential Risk. Nemai Consulting provides extensive advice and guidance on the proposed development at as early a stage as possible.

Thereafter Nemai Consulting will undertake a formal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) ensuring that the likely environmental effects of a new development are fully understood and considered prior to the development being constructed. Nemai Consulting does advise on the need for an EIA depending upon the nature, size and location of proposed developments. Other services at this project phase include Geographic Information Systems, and Environment Management Plans.

At a strategic level, Nemai Consulting has the expertise to develop Strategic Environment Assessments and Environmental Management Frameworks. These plans allow proactive environmental planning and management of a specific geographic area.


During the Construction phase of a project, Nemai Consulting can act in an Environmental Control Officer capacity by allocating staff to the project site. This benefits the client by monitoring compliance in the light of all relevant Environmental legislation – or, alternatively, best practice tools. It minimises potential delays during the construction phase or, in a worst case scenario, formal environment incident investigations.

Nemai Consulting can also act as stakeholder facilitators organising appropriate interactive and positive discussions between the various parties and the public. This can take place at any time during the Planning and Construction phases.


The on-going monitoring of environmental compliance is best achieved by the development and implementation of a formal Environmental Management System. In short this monitors the continuing interaction with the environment against pre-specified metrics (e.g. monitoring water quality standards upstream and downstream from a sewerage plant) and Nemai Consulting will assist with the associated change management and on-going compliance issues that are part and parcel of these systems.



As part of its total commitment, Nemai Consulting works with its clients on any Decommissioning Planning that may be required to conform with legislation. This stage may also require an Environmental Impact Assessment or other legislative permissions.


Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Frameworks, Waste Management plans and more

EIAs for long distance transmission lines

EIAs for water transfer scheme

EIAs for large mixed use precinct developments

EIAs for water resource development

District Municipality Environmental Management Frameworks

Environmental Management Systems – public and private clients

Public Participation for Mining Rights applications

Local Municipal Integrated Waste Management Plans

Water Resource Environmental Control Officer.